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Great Collection of WhatsApp Marketing Methods

Time:2023-09-27 18:53:40  Source:www.crownsoft007.com


I. WhatsApp Overview

WhatsApp is an international social software under Facebook, which is registered using a cell phone number and is applicable to both domestic and international users. With more than 2 billion users, it is one of the most used instant messaging software in the world.

II. Notes

Registration method: based on cell phone number registration, applicable to domestic and foreign cell phone numbers (scientific Internet access is required).

Raise the number of new number strategy: need to pay attention to the initial period do not frequently use the new account for group sending or add friends, it is recommended to raise the number of ten days after the gradual increase in the activity of the new account.

Basic function: WhatsApp's group message has low cost and high open rate, similar to the domestic address book function, which is automatically saved when the number is imported.

III. WhatsApp advantage analysis

WhatsApp has more than 2.5 billion users, the information dissemination is fast, the opening rate is as high as 98%.

You can send messages to strangers, form groups and send them out, which is convenient for foreign trade personnel to contact and communicate with customers.

The group function is unique, you can join the group directly when you search for it without verification.

IV. WhatsApp Marketing Advantages WhatsApp supports multiple forms of messaging, including text, images, video, audio, motion graphics, files, etc., which helps to improve marketing efficiency.

Low cost and high open rate: WhatsApp has a low cost and a high open rate of 98%.

Real-time communication: one-to-one real-time communication can be realized to reach customers, referred to as WhatsApp marketing.

V. WhatsApp promotion methods (customer development) Social media is an important way for foreign trade personnel to develop customers, the promotion method needs to have a certain strategy and ideas.

Publish dynamic promotion products, you can use graphic or video methods.

Use automatic group messaging to develop customers.

Insight into the functions of social platforms to attract customers.

WhatsApp, as a feature-rich social software, has a wide range of applications. Using its social attributes to interact with customers, it can clearly track whether customers have read the message and improve the marketing effect.WhatsApp marketing full strategy helps you to understand deeply, use flexibly and optimize the promotion strategy continuously.


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