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WhatsApp communication difficulties.

Time:2023-10-11 18:09:58  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

A lot of foreign trade partners in quite a long time together to overcome the problems from the IP, equipment, network, but the ensuing difficulties seem to be the problem of communication with the user again, because the software does not have a direct translation of the function, so many people can only be outside the third-party translation software for communication and translation, it will be very easy to make mistakes. Today let cross-border king to bring you a perfect solution to solve such a problem.

WhatsApp customer service assistant

This program is to try to use a one-step/one-stop third-party WhatsApp assistant software, like the crownsoft WhatsApp customer service assistant, can be directly translated for the whole page of the chat communication and can support the second verification of the translation of the word single sentence to ensure the accuracy of your language, very convenient and accurate, in which you can also choose to use which one of the translation software for translation, to prevent the language word translation, to prevent the language word translation. You can also choose which translation software to use to prevent inaccuracies in the language lexicon.

Moreover, the secondary verification of this software is not only for the translation of the message sent by the other party, but also for the message you send to realize the secondary verification to determine whether the meaning of your language has changed, so as to effectively prevent the problem of chatting errors, which is very conducive to communication.



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