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whatsapp bulk sender

Time:2023-10-12 18:14:14  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp mass mailing is a classic feature of WhatsApp assistive software available in the market today, and it is very useful in terms of marketing. Like your store for special promotions or holiday benefits, we are in need of this kind of publicity to let their existing or former customers once again in the brain of your brand, as well as to revisit the existence of your brand, which is its most important place.

WhatsApp group sending software

But in fact there are two problems with such a mass mailing, one is that if not the right mass mailing will bring negative feedback to the user, will let their brand reputation into a bad point, so the mass mailing we also have to have the right timing, reason and content, in order to achieve positive feedback publicity effect. Another problem is that if you use the ordinary third-party WhatsApp group sending software, it is very likely that your account will be found and then banned, this is also a big problem, because once the account is banned, the user information and may be about to get the business is gone, so we generally use the kind of general use of high stability of the auxiliary tools.

Like the crownsoft of WhatsApp group sending software, this software can do in the efficient group sending at the same time allow you to manually set the group sending interval and content to maintain the security and stability of the content, and on such a basis, we can also be able to account for the number of operations, to further increase the security of our account.



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