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facebook filter - accurate empty number detection

Time:2023-02-03 17:43:42  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In facebook marketing, we often use some auxiliary marketing tools to help us quickly obtain relevant information of users. Here we have to mention "facebook filter".

Facebook filter is actually very simple to understand. It is to filter active Facebook accounts, and to filter out whether the mobile phone numbers of users in the selected country have opened Facebook accounts.

When we do facebook marketing, we often encounter such a situation. After finally getting a user’s contact information, there is always no reply or check the information when we private message him. This actually means that this number is empty or this The account is a marketing account and has been banned.

facebook filter

If the messages you send out do not get a reply from the other party, it will also affect your own account, which may affect your account weight or usage.

Originally, our facebook marketing is already close to touching the official "bottom line" of facebook. If you still blindly send messages to "zombie accounts" that have registered accounts and have not been active, then you will definitely receive official messages from facebook. Extra attention.

What Facebook filter needs to do is to quickly filter out the user's Facebook account, filter out active users, and then start marketing.

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