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New WhatsApp number screening software

Time:2023-12-04 19:22:14  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Screening Software is a utility that focuses on screening the required WhatsApp users within a specific range. As more and more people are involved in foreign trade or conducting business negotiations, using this type of software to acquire customers has become one of the most common customer acquisition options. With such a large-scale user group, more and more companies are choosing WhatsApp as a platform to promote their products for foreign trade, so the number of related WhatsApp screening software is also slowly increasing.

WhatsApp filter Software,CrownSoft WhatsApp filter Software

In order to find potential customers more quickly and accurately, many companies choose to use WhatsApp screening software. Today, I would like to recommend you a very useful software to screen numbers, namely "Crownsoft WhatsApp filter Software". This software is not only a simple screening tool, but also combines the advantages of other screening software on the market and user satisfaction.

The screening mode of this software includes three kinds of ways to add numbers: generation of country code and number, generation of country and region, and manual importing of numbers. After generating a number, users can perform selective testing to check whether the number has been registered and whether it is in normal use. By selecting the audience scope, such marketing method can significantly save human and material resources compared to full-coverage push.

One of the most important ways is that you can choose the gender, avatar, signature and language of the screened users, which can be of great help in your targeted marketing.


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