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WhatsApp Automated Number Sifting Software Expands Customers

Time:2023-12-18 19:12:19  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In today's fast-paced social communication environment, WhatsApp has become one of the frequently used communication tools. Having a large number of valid WhatsApp numbers is especially crucial for business marketing or personal socializing, however, manually screening numbers and confirming their validity is a tedious and time-consuming task.

WhatsApp Automatic Number Sifting Software

To address this challenge, WhatsApp Autoscreen has been created, focusing on customized generation of cell phone numbers, one-click verification of their WhatsApp registration, support for filtering out users with avatars and personalized signatures, and even the ability to infer gender and age based on avatars. In addition, the software can also export the numbers that meet the conditions with one click, providing users with convenient management and operation.

Customized Mobile Number Generation

WhatsApp auto-screening software utilizes intelligent algorithms and a huge number database to automatically generate qualified cell phone numbers according to user needs. Users can customize the area code, segment and end digits of the numbers as needed to more flexibly screen out the number resources in the target area.

One-click screening of generated cell phone numbers for WhatsApp registration

Automatic number screening software can quickly verify whether the generated cell phone number is registered with WhatsApp, which can help users quickly exclude unregistered numbers, save screening time and focus on effective resources.

Support for filtering out users with avatars and personalized signatures

Users with avatars and personalized signatures are usually more active and attractive in social communication, WhatsApp AutoScreen can filter out these users with avatars and personalized signatures from the generated numbers, so that users can better market and socialize with their target groups.

Support for inferring gender and age from avatars

With avatar analysis technology, Auto Sifter can also infer the gender and age range of users, which helps to target users more accurately to optimize marketing strategies and social interactions.

Supports one-click export of qualified numbers

Once the screening is completed, WhatsApp AutoScreen also supports one-click export of the list of qualified numbers, which is convenient for users to follow up and manage.

WhatsApp Automatic Number Sifting Software is a powerful and efficient tool to help users quickly find potential customers and social partners in a huge number of numbers. By customizing the generation of cell phone numbers, one-click screening whether to register or not, supporting avatar and personality signature screening, and even inferring gender and age, users can more accurately carry out social interactions and marketing promotions.


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