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WhatsApp filtering software seeks customers

Time:2023-12-18 19:07:35  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp, as the hottest social software in the global market, has a large influx of new users every day, as well as a huge amount of promotion, which makes it an attractive choice to focus on foreign trade promotion on this platform. In order to better display the content and take advantage of the platform, the corresponding auxiliary software came into being, of which the crownsoft WhatsApp filtering software is an example, the software through a variety of screening methods, to help you tap into different types of customers and develop different programs to achieve the perfect fit.

WhatsApp filtering software has the following features:

WhatsApp filtering software

Large Scope Filtering: It is capable of realizing a large range of account filtering activities, and supports the use of country code and local cell phone number segments for random or sequential generation of cell phone number detection, which is convenient for spot checking and investigation of a range of countries.

Precise Screening: Supports random or sequential generation of accounts and screening by selecting countries, regions and number segments, so as to formulate targeted marketing strategies and improve feasibility and stability.

Compatible with import support: It can automatically detect most of the data packages and information sharing packages on the market, in order to quickly import and detect the account information in them.

Follow-up condition categorization: The results of the screening can be categorized according to many different conditions, such as avatar, age, gender, signature language, etc., which helps better marketing.

Multi-file type export: Selected results can be easily exported to multiple file formats (.txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf) for sharing user information or for backup of user information.

By using WhatsApp filtering software, it can help you to really solve the problems such as difficulty in finding customers, difficulty in finding target customers, etc., so as to improve marketing results.

WhatsApp filtering software


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