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WhatsApp broadcasts what are they for and a tutorial on how to create them

Time:2023-12-19 19:09:26  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When group messaging in WhatsApp, the creation of groups is usually considered first. However, as groups adopt a many-to-many structure, the relationships between users form a complex mesh structure, and their management is relatively cumbersome. So, is there an alternative? This is where we can make full use of WhatsApp's broadcast feature.

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Broadcast list messages are one-to-many, the equivalent of a ciphered delivery in email, where all recipients receive your message while the sender's identity remains anonymous. Each broadcast list contains up to 256 target customers, allowing messages to be sent to multiple contacts at once. Unlike groups, broadcasts are unique in that the target clients only know the creator and sender of the broadcast and not the other recipients, which is the biggest difference from groups.

The sender is able to manage multiple broadcast lists separately, which form a collection on the sender's side and separate conversations on the target customer's side. When the target user replies, a one-to-one communication dialog is formed.

Broadcast messages are no different from regular messages and therefore support all the features of peer-to-peer messaging. Whether it's a variety of media types such as graphic, text, video, audio, file, location or business card, they can be freely combined according to marketing needs. In the case of a graphic message, for example, simply select an image and add a caption (Caption) to create the format pictured above and below.

Keeping the broadcast list up-to-date is crucial, and regularly cleaning up contacts that are either unable to receive messages or have received but not read them is essential to maintaining good broadcast communications.

In order to check the reception status of a message, users can long press on a broadcast message to view the details, clearly showing who has read it and who has not. Regular management and cleanup of the broadcast list, removing contacts that are unable to receive messages or have been unread multiple times, is part of keeping the list effective.

It is important to note that a two-way friend relationship is required for broadcast notifications. Only customers who have added the sender as a contact can receive broadcast notifications. Therefore, it is advisable to add the sender's contact as a friend when making the first step of customer contact.

The following steps need to be considered while performing WhatsApp broadcast marketing:

WhatsApp Broadcast Marketing Steps.

Target Customer Identification: Before starting, the target market should be clearly identified to ensure that there are appropriate target customers and to confirm whether these target customers have saved WhatsApp numbers as contacts.

List Segmentation: Segment your target customers and create different broadcast lists based on different criteria (Prospects, Leads, Customers, etc.) to provide more relevant content.

Strategy Development: Develop a strategy for radio marketing, including time period, frequency, periodicity, and expected target results.

Design Copy: Develop copy for broadcast messages to ensure that the content appeals to the target audience and meets the needs of different list segments.

EXECUTE ON THE GROUND: Execute the radio marketing plan, along with effective management and follow-up to ensure that important steps in the sales funnel are realized.


Steps for WhatsApp Broadcast Creation Groups

While creating a broadcast, follow these steps:

1. Open WhatsApp and click on the top right corner (┇) and select "Broadcast List".

2. Click on the "New" icon at the bottom.

3. Enter the contact name or click "Add Recipient" to select from your contacts.

4. Click the "Create" icon at the bottom.

If you need to change the name of the list, you can click on the list's info icon and change the name in the list details popup.

Overall, WhatsApp's broadcast feature provides users with a convenient and effective way to send group messages, and through good management and segmentation, you can interact with your target customers more precisely.

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