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Why use third-party software to screen valid Telegram numbers?

Time:2022-11-28 16:38:28  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Before answering the above questions, let me first explain to you what telegram is. Telegram, also known as telegram, is an instant encrypted communication tool. It is simple and convenient to use, and there are relatively few restrictions on posting. Many people can share some sensitive topics on it, and the information is very safe. Users The base is also very large.

Many foreign trade companies will choose to send their product information on it for marketing and promotion, but everyone finds that there is no such thing. Now more and more people choose telegram number screening software to filter telegram accounts. Why is this?

The following CrownSoft editor will give you a detailed introduction.

telegram filter

The main reasons for choosing Telegram filter are as follows:

1. Save time

Since we want to do marketing on telegram, it must be active marketing and active promotion of our products, just like the previous domestic email marketing and SMS marketing. The first thing to do is to screen out the validity of the number and whether telegram is activated account so we can move on to the next step.

2. Prepare for Bulk Marketing

Telegram filters is only the first step in our marketing. What we really want to do is to send mass marketing information to users who have opened a telegram account, so as to quickly achieve the effect of product promotion.


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