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Why do instagram marketing promotion?

Time:2022-11-28 16:37:51  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Compared with platforms such as whatsapp and facebook, instagram is not only simple, but also has a relatively low chance of being banned, which is very suitable for personnel in the foreign trade industry to do marketing and promotion.

Instagram is a social application software that runs on the mobile terminal under the Meta company, so what is the main reason for us to market on Instagram? Why do you do that?

The following CrownSoft editor will analyze and analyze for you in detail

instagram marketing

Why do instagram marketing promotion?

1. Huge user base

Basically, foreign or domestic companies engaged in the foreign trade industry, as long as they have a brand, will promote it on Instagram. The traffic is very large and the user base is large.

2.Strong interaction

Many operations can be performed on instagram, such as posting, likes, comments, etc., and you can also send private messages, which is very beneficial for marketing promotion

3. Simple operation, not easy to be blocked account

Compared with facebook, instagram is not only easy to operate, but also not easy to be blocked, which is very beneficial for marketing promotion

For the foreign trade industry, with so many potential users on Instagram, if we want others to see our products, we must actively market them. But sending private messages one by one is too time-consuming, which is not conducive to our quick search for customers.

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