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Tg sieves accounts to avoid tg account being banned due to excessive marketing!

Time:2022-11-28 16:36:30  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

You may not have heard of tg, but people who do cross-border should know that tg is a social chat software abroad, with strong security, chat information is encrypted, easy to use, and can be advertised, which is very suitable for us Do marketing.

Telegram marketing is also the most common marketing method for our cross-border practitioners. Many cross-border sellers use this software to get in touch with users.

tg is actually similar to our WeChat and QQ functions. There are groups, videos, pictures, and texts can be sent, and the transmission speed of tg is faster than that of WeChat; the most important thing is that the number of people in tg groups is There is no upper limit.

People who have done tg marketing know that we basically use some marketing tools to realize our own marketing strategies, such as tg filter, through tg number screening software, to screen whether the user's mobile phone number has opened a tg account, through The phone number can directly add friends and send messages in groups.

tg filter

In the process of marketing, everyone may encounter such problems. Due to improper operation, you often encounter the danger of your account being banned. For example, when we post on some forums and blogs and post advertisements, you posted on the first day One, when I logged in to send it the next day, I suddenly found that my account was banned. This is actually because your account is a new one and has no activity.

The purpose of our tg account screening is actually to filter out those inactive tg accounts, and then send mass messages to active tg users, so that the filtered data is more accurate and more conducive to our marketing.

Another main purpose is that we can greatly reduce the risk of our account being banned during the operation process through tg account screening, and increase the operating time of our tg account.

ok about tg filters crownsoft editor Just share it here for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Want to know more details about tg screening number and tg marketing,all in crownsoft.


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