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WhatsApp Screening Development Client Software

Time:2024-01-24 21:00:19  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is one of the world's largest instant chat messaging software, which is popular abroad and its user scale is no less than that of WeChat in China. According to statistics, the total number of WhatsApp users has reached 2.5 billion +, with 1.6 billion + monthly active users, covering more than 90 countries and regions. With the growing number of users, more and more foreign trade enterprises are beginning to use WhatsApp for customer development and promotion.


WhatsApp has a huge user base, can send messages for free, does not require friend verification to have a conversation with the target user, and its message open rate is as high as 98%, so it is very suitable for development and promotion activities. Since WhatsApp is tied to a cell phone number, companies can directly access their customers' numbers without worrying about losing them.

However, on WhatsApp we can't search for customers directly, and generally can only add them in two ways: one is to announce your number and wait for customers to search and add it; the other is to get customer numbers from different channels and then search and add them. Currently, joining groups through WhatsApp group links or invitations is one of the better ways to develop customers, but getting group links in bulk through manual search is a time-consuming and laborious task.

As the saying goes, "For a worker to do well, he must first improve the quality of his tools." Effective marketing tools not only reduce the waste of labor and time costs, but also improve the quality of customers. So, how can foreign trade practitioners quickly get the numbers of a huge number of potential customers?

CrownSoft Whatsapp Filter Software can solve this problem perfectly. It not only has automatic number screening software, you can select the region and number according to the needs of the region and generate regional numbers with one click, and automatically detect whether these numbers have been registered WhatsApp, displaying the relevant data of registered users.

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