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India WS Number Filtering Software

Time:2024-02-21 18:42:40  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

India being the country with the largest number of WhatsApp users in the world is also the country where we have the highest success rate in using WhatsApp for marketing and promotion. But even so, it is still difficult to find relevant Indian users, after all, the user base is too large, it is difficult to meet the desired region by chance. What if we only want to talk to Indian users?

WS Global Number Filtering

"It would be great if we could focus our screening on this region", we thought, "Wouldn't it be great if we could just generate local mobile phone numbers for screening"? This idea is fully realised in a software called "CrownSoft WS Number Filtering Software", which can achieve this effect.

This WS number screening software gives you many choices in generating numbers, such as the most used "country code + number" and more accurate "country + region + city + number", whether you want to roughly calculate or accurately generate, this software is the best way to achieve this. Whether you want to roughly calculate or accurately generate, this software can achieve, very convenient and easy to use.

In addition, this software is also able to carry out further screening, you can screen the data above for more accurate classification, such as gender, age, signature language and other information for classification and integration, effective marketing for some groups.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filtering Software (WS Global Number Filtering Software) allows you to choose various ways to generate mobile phone numbers in various regions, and then judge and analyse the situation of WhatsApp account registration by logging in and verifying the account, and then show it to you. The software uses CrownSoft's own program for more detailed account information screening, including avatar, gender, signature and signature language and other aspects and supports exporting screening data to .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

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