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2024 Latest WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

Time:2024-03-12 19:19:18  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance is a software that can help us in the process of WhatsApp customer search, quickly collect marketing user identity information to help us determine the quality of the user, as long as we can reasonably use this aid, we can quickly improve the efficiency of the marketing campaigns as well as the success rate. Next, let me and you a good introduction to the software in the end how to help us improve the efficiency and success rate of it.

WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

This software as a screening software, the first step is to be able to help us screen out at least the user's basic registration information. Many people in the beginning of WhatsApp marketing, because they do not know where to look for customers, many people will choose to go online to buy packets containing a lot of user information, but the quality of such packets is no way to detect, only one by one to add and then view, very inconvenient at the same time will lead to a waste of time and energy.

With WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance, we can directly import packets of data to screen accounts, and in the detection process we can see whether the data is registered accounts, and whether there is a need for marketing. And we can also use the software comes with more relevant screening assistance, screening out the user's avatar, signature and the type of signature language. In addition, the software can automatically identify the age and gender of users based on their avatars, which makes it easier for us to carry out more targeted and efficient marketing promotions.

In addition to the imported packets mentioned above, the software can also support the generation of mobile phone numbers based on the conditions of choice. For example, it can generate numbers according to the country code + the first few digits of the number + select the number of digits to generate" and "country + city + area code + number segment" two ways to generate numbers, these two ways to generate numbers can be achieved respectively accurate numbers or rough number of the number of generation, but also supports the generation of results The results can also be quickly imported into the filter list for filtering.

With this filtering tool, we can easily generate some users or filter and analyse some users to provide more quality and better resources for our marketing.

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