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Global WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

Time:2024-03-20 20:17:20  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When it comes to number screening, I believe that the WhatsApp marketing partners more or less have had an understanding of these, this is a kind of software that can quickly help you screen out real users and special conditions of the user, and this kind of operation for our overall WhatsApp marketing is still a great help, especially for the requirements of the user of the merchant enterprise.

WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance

Today CrownSoft is here to recommend a WhatsApp Number Filtering Assistance software with a global nature to help you further optimise your marketing process. Let's start from the most basic part of this software, why do we say that this software has a global nature? It's because this software doesn't just import data and filter it like other number screening software. It can automatically generate the number according to your needs, which includes the generation of the country, area code and other aspects, as long as you want the region, after choosing a good he can help you generate the number, and the overall scope of the global coverage, also known as the global nature.

How about its filtering function? Its filtering function is also very good, not only can filter out whether the user has registered the software, but also can filter out the user's gender and age. Anyone who has used WhatsApp for marketing knows that WhatsApp doesn't force you to fill in this information when you sign up, so how does the software get this information? The software has a built-in recognition function, the software will capture the user's avatar and analyse the recognition to get the data and provide it to us. In the actual test, the accuracy of this function is still quite high, and if encountered in the case of the item avatar can not identify the age and gender of the situation, the software will identify the avatar of the item is what, to assist us to judge each other's information.

The use of such software can help us in the process of WhatsApp marketing, bring more convenient, more accurate marketing optimisation, why not try it?

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