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Recommended WhatsApp Number Filtering Tool

Time:2024-04-23 15:00:22  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When using WhatsApp for bulk promotion and marketing, the quality of the cell phone numbers to be marketed often determines the efficiency of the marketing campaign as well as the success or failure, if it contains a large number of invalid cell phone numbers, it will not only waste our time, but also make us consume a lot of energy on this, as well as negatively affect the marketing effect. Therefore, CrownSoft has launched a WhatsApp Number Filtering Tool, which can help marketers easily filter invalid cell phone numbers and improve the overall marketing efficiency.

WhatsApp Number Filtering Tool

The core function of WhatsApp Number Filtering Tool is its very powerful filtering ability! It not only filters out unregistered cell phone numbers, but also accurately filters and categorizes useless cell phone numbers and target users that meet your marketing needs based on a variety of filtering criteria. Filtering conditions such as: whether or not to open WhatsApp, whether or not there is an avatar, gender, age, personalized signature language, and the type of avatar items, etc., filtering and filtering of this information, we can make their own marketing campaigns to become more accurate and easier to reach potential users.

WhatsApp Number Filtering Tool also has the function of customizing the generation of cell phone numbers, you can easily generate a large number of cell phone numbers by setting the country code, the first few digits of the number and the number of digits to generate. In addition to the above kind of way, the software comes with the rules of generating numbers according to the region, you only need to fill in the country, region, city, number, this software will be able to generate cell phone numbers in line with the specific rules to improve the effectiveness of the number.

For only need to filter the cell phone number data, you only need to click on the import cell phone number file, you can quickly import those cell phone numbers into the software, the use of its filtering function for rapid screening, eliminating invalid numbers, to retain the valuable potential users.

Overall features, WhatsApp Number Filtering Tool is a powerful tool for WhatsApp marketers, which has efficient filtering function, precise filtering conditions and flexible export function, which can help you filter invalid cell phone numbers and improve marketing efficiency.

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