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WhatsApp Filter Software, Precise Filtering, Rapid Marketing!

Time:2023-05-29 17:41:49  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp is an encrypted instant messaging application designed to provide a private and secure communication experience. Many users use WhatsApp to communicate with friends, strangers, and colleagues, making it a large user base and suitable for our foreign trade marketing to find customers.

Generally, if we want to obtain users' WhatsApp accounts (contact information), we can rely on friend recommendations, participate in trade shows to add users through business cards, or add users from our own mobile phone's address book. However, these methods obviously cannot meet our marketing needs because we need to quickly expose our brand or products and acquire a large number of users in a short period of time, which requires mass messaging marketing.

whatsapp filter software

The prerequisite for mass WhatsApp messaging marketing is to obtain users' contact information. Therefore, we need a WhatsApp marketing tool that can quickly obtain users' phone numbers. Since WhatsApp does not provide such tools officially, we need to find them through third parties.

In this case, WhatsApp filter software is very suitable for our marketing needs. The purpose of WhatsApp filter software is to quickly obtain the phone numbers of users in the countries or regions you want to target and filter out active WhatsApp accounts. It can also determine the users' country based on their WhatsApp status or personal signature, as foreign users usually use the language of their own country in their WhatsApp status.

With WhatsApp filter software, you can quickly acquire active users and establish contact with them for marketing purposes.

Regarding WhatsApp filter software, there are several companies on the market that develop such software, so it is important to learn to distinguish and choose based on factors such as performance, price, and after-sales service.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filter, users can scan the QR code to log in to your WhatsApp account or import channel accounts or hash accounts in batches to filter, use your WhatsApp permissions to filter the target phone numbers registered for WhatsApp, and judge gender and age based on WhatsApp avatars. After filtering, you can export .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.


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