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WhatsApp Number Filter API

Time:2023-08-04 16:20:31  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

I believe that everyone should know what the WhatsApp number filter means. This is a marketing tool we chose when we were doing WhatsApp marketing. It can help us quickly obtain users' active WhatsApp accounts, which is convenient for our later marketing promotion.

You may hear less about API, but enterprise technicians should know that API is the programming interface of the application program, which is used to call back or call some data. It allows different software systems to exchange data through predefined interfaces. and function calls.

WhatsApp number filter api

So what does the combination of the two mean? For example WhatsApp number filter api?

The WhatsApp number filter api mainly refers to third-party foreign trade marketing software companies that use the official api interface provided by WhatsApp to independently develop software for WhatsApp marketing, such as obtaining active WhatsApp accounts, sending group messages to WhatsApp friends, etc. These are all implemented based on the official WhatsApp interface.

Because our main marketing activities are to be carried out through WhatsApp, so whether you want to obtain data or send messages in the function of your software development, you definitely hope that what you send out through the software can actually be sent to the user’s WhatsApp account In this case, it must be implemented through the official WhatsApp API interface.

There are many tools for WhatsApp marketing on the market, but the software that marketers often use or has the highest usage rate is actually the WhatsApp number filter.

The main purpose of the WhatsApp number filter is to judge whether the local user's mobile phone number has a WhatsApp account and whether it is an active WhatsApp number based on the country or region we selected, and filter out the WhatsApp account and avatar.

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