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Telegram filter software to filter valid telegram users

Time:2022-12-23 14:13:07  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

You may have hardly heard of telegram, let alone how it is used. This is an encrypted instant messaging software, similar to our domestic WeChat and QQ, you can chat with friends, send files, join groups, etc. through telegram, but the biggest advantage of telegram is that its message content is encrypted, very It is safe, so many people abroad are using this software.

The following crownsoft editor will tell you about telegram in detail, including how to use telegram, how to use telegram filter software, and so on.

telegram filterstelegram filters

1. How to use telegram in China?

Due to some special reasons, we cannot access the external network in our country. We must bypass the firewall. Basically, our domestic foreign trade companies access the external network through a VPN connection. Ordinary people cannot access the external network.

2. How to add Telegram friends?

The setup and use of Telegram are very convenient. When you need to add Telegram friends, it only takes three steps to complete.

The setting method is: click the "three bars" in the upper left corner, then click "Contacts", "Add Contact", and then enter the other party's mobile phone number in the search box.

3. How about telegram filtering software?

Since there is a demand, there must be a market. The telegram filtering software is a very convenient and fast software specially developed for foreign trade personnel. You can use the third-party telegram filtering software to screen whether users have opened a telegram account, and then use another group sending software for mass messaging marketing.

As the saying goes: Only when we take the initiative can we tell stories. There are many foreign trade companies. If we want to quickly acquire customers, then marketing is inevitable. We must learn to operate or use some mainstream social software abroad.

But if you send marketing messages one by one, it will consume too much manpower and time. Therefore, telegram filtering software can help you quickly filter out which users have opened a telegram account, and then send them in groups with one click.

CrownSoft Various Accounts Filters can filter four mainstream social software accounts, whataapp, facebook, instagram, telegram, and filter whether the user's mobile phone number is registered with their account, whether it is a valid number, etc., convenient and fast, come and try it out!


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