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Why do whatsapp filter group sending?

Time:2022-12-26 13:36:45  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Whatsapp is a foreign social software, which can chat with friends, colleagues, and surrounding partners. It is similar to our domestic WeChat and QQ. The functions are actually similar, and it is deeply loved by foreign users. Many countries or regions Everyone is using this software.

According to incomplete statistics, Whatsapp has more than 450 million daily active users, and more than 65 billion messages are sent every day. This is actually an opportunity for us to do foreign trade. After all, it gathers users from different countries around the world. , the user base is still very strong, which is very conducive to our marketing.

For foreign trade personnel, whatsapp has a large number of users and a wide range, which is very suitable for overseas promoters to expose brands and products and enhance the company's popularity.

But everyone also knows that there are so many users on whatsapp, since we want to do marketing, we definitely hope to have a lot of exposure in a short period of time. At this time, whatsapp filtering group sending software came into being.

whatsapp filter

Why do we need whatsapp filtering?

Whether we are doing whatsapp marketing or Facebook marketing, the best marketing method at the beginning is actually to send messages to others to let users know about our product features and highlights, thereby increasing the search volume of our products or brands on the platform And popularity, also known as active marketing.

But everyone also knows that the number of users gathered on the whatsapp platform is very large. If we just manually send messages one by one, we don't know when we can let users know our existence, which will consume a lot of time and manpower. Responding to customers is also a big issue.

And whatsapp group sending can send the message you want to the user with one click, and the number of messages sent in a day is not limited. Depending on your account repayment, the number of 100,000+ messages is not a dream.

Because the whatsapp platform is registered with a mobile phone number, we can only send mass messages if we know the mobile phone number of the user. The premise of mass posting is that we need to first filter the mobile phone numbers, avatars, gender, etc. of active users through another whatsapp filtering software. Age, etc., send relevant marketing content according to the filtered user groups.

The main purpose of our whatsapp filtering is actually one more thing, that is, the official whatsapp has strict control over accounts. If you blindly send messages to inactive accounts, you will not be able to promote your brand, and may be monitored by the system. Limiting your account is not worth the candle.


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