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WhatsApp launches screen sharing for video calls

Time:2023-08-16 18:16:41  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a new feature: screen sharing for video calls. This new feature has sparked a lively debate among the general user community, and this feature injects new energy and possibilities into the ubiquitous side of WhatsApp.


WhatsApp, as a widely used communication app worldwide, has always been committed to improving the user experience. The launch of the video call screen sharing feature is undoubtedly an extension in this direction. Now, whether it's for business communication, distance learning or team collaboration, users can easily share what's on their device's screen during a video call on WhatsApp. This new way of communication opens up more possibilities and makes communication more interactive and fun.

Using this feature is not complicated. When you feel the need to share an app's interface, presentation or other content during a video call, simply tap the Share button on your screen. The system will guide you through the process of selecting what you want to share, allowing your communication partner to see what's displayed on your screen in real time. This instant sharing brings a more intuitive and practical communication effect, and makes communication more relevant to the actual situation.

In my personal understanding, WhatsApp's video call screen sharing feature opens up more diverse and rich communication channels for users. Whether it's presenting data in a business meeting or a real-time demonstration in a distance-learning class, this feature will make communication more vivid and three-dimensional. This feature will play an important role in various communication scenarios in modern society, injecting more vividness and creativity into our communication.


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