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How to Lock WhatsApp Chat on Android and iOS

Time:2023-08-15 18:06:42  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Locking specific chat conversations on WhatsApp can help you keep your privacy and information safe. Here are the steps to naturalize the rewrite without using any app:


Open the conversation of the contact you want to lock.

Click on the contact's name.

Scroll down and click on the new "Chat Lock" option.

Note that archived chats cannot be locked. If you want to lock an archived WhatsApp chat, you need to unarchive the conversation first. If this is the case, click "Unarchive" in the warning message, otherwise continue to the next step.

After unarchiving, enable the "Lock this chat with your fingerprint" switch on Android devices. iOS devices will see a similar Face ID-centric switch.

WhatsApp will now prompt you that the conversation will not be locked on the linked device. So be careful if you use the same WhatsApp account on both phones. Click "OK" and confirm your fingerprint or Face ID to lock the chat.

Now you know how to lock a single WhatsApp chat without using any app. The app will confirm this action with a pop-up message. It is worth noting that locked chat conversations will still show notifications of new messages in the notification center, but these messages will be hidden in the notification area.

In addition, locked conversations are hidden in the Chat tab of the Messages app. To access these locked conversations, simply open WhatsApp and scroll down the chat summary to reveal the "Locked Chats" section. Tap on the "Locked Chats" option and use your fingerprint to unlock these hidden conversations.

If you don't want to lock and hide conversations in WhatsApp anymore, it's easy. Just open the chat and tap on the contact's name, scroll down and access the "Chat Lock" feature. Here, tap on the "Lock this chat with your fingerprint" option and enter your fingerprint to disable the feature. This way, you can turn the chat locking feature on or off whenever you need it.

Most of the people often come across the question:

Can we lock individual chats in WhatsApp? Yes, we can now lock individual chats in WhatsApp. The messaging app is currently testing a beta version of the "Chat Lock" feature and will soon start rolling it out to all Android and iOS users. This means you'll have the ability to lock individual chats and hide them from those who like to interfere.

How can I lock my WhatsApp chats without archiving them? Luckily, you no longer need to archive chats to hide them from WhatsApp's chat list. The messaging app recently introduced a new "Chat Lock" feature. This feature allows you to hide individual chats on Android phones and iPhones. However, please note that you need to un-archive chats before using this feature as these conversations will be placed under the hidden "Locked Chats" section.


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