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How to use whatsapp for customer attraction

Time:2023-08-18 18:22:26  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The use of WhatsApp customer attraction is actually concise and clear is through a variety of ways to get the WhatsApp account of the locals, and then a variety of channels of promotion and marketing, aggregation of groups to drive other people your products.


Detailed point is that, you first need to understand the needs of the region where the people and the behavior of the local people to analyze, to see if you have something in the hands of the region to sell out, even if you have something as good as choosing the wrong region is also very difficult to do well. Let's take the simplest example: is oil good? Of course it is, but if you go to Saudi Arabia to sell it, do you feel good about selling it? People do not lack of this thing, this is not analyzed as a result.

The second is that you analyze the choice of good after how to get to the top of the things, this is not very difficult, in WhatsApp this platform in fact, the most top of the way is to add friends and groups of publicity. First of all, add friends it, because the registration of this software is very special, cell phone number to add WhatsApp account, so as long as you know you want to region of the cell phone number will be able to add their WhatsApp, as for how to get the WhatsApp region you want to cell phone number, WhatsApp sieve assistant can help you to solve this problem, according to the country and region as well as the number of segments Generate, to help you complete this important step. Next is the group publicity, join some groups with similar purposes, publicity, is obviously to advertise it does not matter, a lot of people are such a purpose, but also want to need these software, so when the normal play on the line.

These are done after you have completed a large part of the completion of the top attraction part of the field is almost finished, the rest is to see your own communication with customers.


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