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WhatsApp Number Bulk Registration

Time:2023-08-18 18:24:35  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

It's 2023, are you still bothered by the fact that WhatsApp accounts are always blocked without a cell phone number to register an account? Every time you market, some accounts are blocked because of this, is it that the cell phone number on hand feels unable to support this status quo? The number of merchants is too expensive and afraid of being retrieved to lose their hard-earned customers! No matter, today we recommend a software that can solve these confusions!


This software is ---- "WhatsApp group sending software", do not look at it called group sending software, his function is not just the function of group sending, it is another important role is to be able to batch register WhatsApp account. Its principle is to use the simulator plus through some methods to accept the verification code to batch register WhatsApp account, so that the registered account you can set up a good avatar and name at the beginning of the registration, to save a one by one manually set up the cumbersome, but also because of their own registration can not worry about the account to be retrieved.

And this software also has a very important function, is a key to raise the number. Because WhatsApp's official detection is getting stricter and stricter, so the accounts are blocked, generally speaking, in addition to often in the message normal communication account (no more than the threshold) except the account, they will be easy to be detected as a promotional number/advertising number and blocked, this software has such a function, you can raise the number of operations, to prevent being detected as a non-conventional account. It is very practical and reassuring that the principle of raising the number is to send messages to each other and exchange phone calls to keep the account in use.

Such a software is very rare, bring a sense of security at the same time can also bring a multi-purpose.


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