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Facebook login for multiple accounts

Time:2023-08-28 18:44:20  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In internet marketing or operations, logging in to multiple accounts at the same time has always been an important feature, because logging in to multiple accounts at the same time means you can promote more accounts at the same time. This is a great feature for accounts that are not in normal use, but the downside is that normal users are likely to be in trouble. As a simple example, if you are a salesman, with such a feature, the salesman can send you harassing messages uninterruptedly, so the official does not give you this feature. Such a problem is not only difficult to defeat the sales staff, but also difficult to defeat part of the normal business to do the promotion of part of the staff.

Facebook marketing software

But in fact, the problem is not so big, today crownsoft will take you to see, at present people to solve this problem what are the methods?

First of all, the simulator, many people will use the mobile version of the simulator function as well as comes with the multi-open function to achieve this function, this method is also really a good method, but there are also problems. For example, the computer configuration is not high or there are other reasons for hu, the simulator and the computer will be jammed, so it is not very recommended.

The second is to use the computer browser's no trace function or install a few more browsers. This is to use the computer's no trace mode, so that the other windows of the computer browser to think that the computer is not logged into Facebook. or download a few more browsers to rotate the use.

The third way is to use the "Facebook Marketing Software", this software can not only help you to open at the same time, but also a key to raise the number, automatic posting and automatic reply, but also a key to collect a variety of pages of the user, it is a marketing tool.


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