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How to filter unread WhatsApp conversations?

Time:2023-08-30 16:52:55  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When we do WhatsApp marketing, we often want to filter the unread content of some users to see what similar content the user likes, so as to do marketing and promotion, but can this function be realized? The following crownsoft editor will analyze it in detail for you.

How to filter unread WhatsApp conversations

As far as the official WhatsApp is concerned, it does not directly provide such a function that can filter unread conversations, but only shows whether users have read the messages you sent. However, we can simulate this filtering functionality with a few operations:

1. Check message notifications: If you enable the message notification function of WhatsApp, unread messages will often be displayed in the notification. This way you can enter the corresponding conversation directly from the notification.

2. Mark as unread: WhatsApp allows you to mark certain conversations as "unread". You can long press a conversation and select the "Mark as Unread" option in the pop-up menu. That way, even if you scroll through other conversations, you'll still see the ones you've marked as unread at the top.

3. Update to the latest version: WhatsApp is constantly being updated and improved, and future versions may introduce more filtering and sorting options, including the ability to filter unread messages. Make sure your app is always up to date to get the latest features.

4. Pin important conversations to the top: You can choose to pin some important conversations to the top. Long press the conversation and select the "Pin to Top" option in the menu. That way, those conversations will always appear at the top of your chat list, making them easier to notice.

Basically, the most commonly used software for WhatsApp marketing on the market is WhatsApp filter software, which filters users’ active WhatsApp accounts to send group messages for traffic promotion.


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