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How to mass send pictures on Facebook?

Time:2023-09-08 17:48:38  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

There are many forms of content on Facebook. You can send pictures, text, videos, etc. Below, the editor of Crownsoft will mainly share with you how to send pictures to groups on Facebook. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

facebook group sending

Create an album: You can create a picture album, upload multiple pictures to the album, and then share the album with your friends or publish the album on your timeline. This is a common way to organize pictures and share them with friends. To create a photo album, follow these steps:

Click "Photos" in the upper left corner of your Facebook homepage.

On the photo page, click "Album."

Click "New Album" and then follow the prompts to upload pictures.

After completing the album setup, you can choose to share the album with your friends or post it to your timeline.

Send a picture message: You can send a picture message through Facebook Messenger or in a chat conversation on Facebook. In the chat window, there is usually a picture icon that allows you to select and send a picture. You can select one or more friends and then send the picture.

Share pictures in status updates: You can post picture status updates on your timeline so your friends can see them. In your status update, click the "Photo/Video" option and select the image you want to upload.

Share images in comments: You can share images in comments, but this is usually a feature within a post or comment area, rather than sharing images directly on your timeline.

The above content is what the editor of crownsoft shared with you about "How to send group pictures on Facebook?". I hope it will be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more detailed knowledge about Facebook group sending, please visit crownsoft.


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