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Facebook mass mailing

Time:2023-08-19 18:14:52  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

How does Facebook group posting work? Group posting is a classic tool in the process of publicity and marketing, both before and now in these circumstances, this method is always enduring.

Facebook marketing software

However, it seems that the official Facebook does not have the tools to develop it, resulting in no official support, many merchants or enterprises just publish dynamic forms to tell everyone something. So sometimes the publicity and expansion is not so good.

Dynamic and private message for the user's contact feeling difference is quite a lot, although the group sent a private message effect will be much better than dynamic. Because the normal send dynamic is actually equivalent to the public to explain, scientific reports indicate that: 84% of the people see the publicity of the advertisement dynamic will be directly crossed, and the purpose of the private message is the user clicked in to look at a glance may bring the user interested in the product, and the user will think that the publicity is only for their own, received special care. So the reason basis of these confirms that private message promotion is greater than dynamic promotion.

However, as mentioned above, the official Facebook has not carried out the development of this function, but if you do it manually, you may waste more time, today we bring you a good auxiliary software -----Facebook Marketing Software. This software does not just come with the basic marketing functions, this text talks about the problem of this software can also be solved, group sending a variety of friends and fans and even groups are not a problem, it is a very good tool.


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