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How to use WhatsApp Shared Screen

Time:2023-09-20 18:36:52  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

 WhatsApp lets you share your screen, which is useful for showing content, giving presentations or collaborating. Here are the steps to share your screen:


1. Ensure you are updated to the latest version: Make sure your WhatsApp app is updated to the latest version to ensure you have access to the latest features.

2. Initiate a video call: First, you need to make a video call to the contact you want to share your screen with. Find the contact in WhatsApp and initiate a video call.

3. Go to the video call screen: Once the call is connected, you will be taken to the video call screen, where you will be able to see yourself and the other people in the call.

4. Find the Share Screen option: Usually, the Share Screen option is located at the bottom of the call screen and is usually an icon that resembles a rectangular screen with arrows.

5. Share Screen: Clicking on the Share Screen icon will bring up an option for you to share your entire screen or a specific application. Select what you want to share.

6. Start Sharing: Once you have selected what you want to share, click on the "Start Sharing" or similar button and WhatsApp will start sharing the content you have selected. 

7. Stop Sharing: If you want to stop sharing, click on the Share Screen icon.

8. Stop Sharing: When you want to stop sharing your screen, you can tap on the Share Screen icon again and select Stop Sharing.

This will allow you to share your screen with the person you are talking to and show the content of your choice. The screen sharing feature facilitates real-time presentations, collaboration, and demonstrations for more efficient communication. Please note that the Share Screen feature may vary slightly from one WhatsApp version to another, but the basic process should be similar.



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