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WhatsApp API is How do I download it

Time:2023-09-16 18:19:49  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The official WhatsApp is divided into three versions: the personal version of WhatsApp Messenger, the business version of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API.Recently, Cross Border King noticed that a lot of people asked online "WhatsApp Business API is heard to be the the best tool for WhatsApp official marketing, how to download this?" . Today we are here to give you an answer to what this newly appeared version in the public eye actually is.

WhatsApp business

First of all, WhatsApp Business API is the subsequent official updated version of WhatsApp Business.WhatsApp Business is the official version launched for various merchant businesses mainly to fulfill their customer and promotional needs. However, since this is the first time that such a version has been launched, not much effort has been put into the needs of this group.

Although this version allows for group messaging, there is a maximum limit of 256 people. Since it is an enterprise version, you cannot use one account for multiple people, and it is also easy to be blocked. Therefore, many enterprises or businessmen gave feedback to the officials about these problems. After accepting the feedback, the official launched the service WhatsApp Business API, which is also known as WhatsApp Business Advanced Edition.

This version is different from the previous one. It has been officially certified and its account features have been significantly improved. For example, the previous version could only log into one account at a time, but now you can log into multiple accounts at the same time. And this software has no forwarding promotion limit anymore, you can send unlimited, and it also solves the case of accounts being blocked by mistake, so you can use it more safely.

Back to the topic, so where to download this thing? The answer is that this is actually just an official API, not a software-level thing. Its use is built into the software designed by your organization, and it needs to be accessed through a third party and applied for before it can be used. So it's normal that many people can't find the download address. If you need to apply, you need to visit the official website and follow the guidelines


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