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WhatsApp pays attention to what your avatar reveals

Time:2023-10-25 18:42:13  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

No matter what platform, avatar is always the first thing that others decide to your heart impression, most people may not have intercourse with you, but through the initial observation of your avatar can probably understand what kind of character you are, so the first impression caused by the avatar is very important.

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Like we do foreign trade, if if the avatar default or more fancy messy things, it is certainly will be considered by others is not reliable people and lose a lot of orders and credibility. Today cross-border king does not talk about this aspect of the content, to tell you how to use reverse thinking to think about reasoning about your users, to study the person will not likely to become your customers. We can carry out such an example, that is, if you see someone's avatar is a very cute pet, you feel that this person may have a pet at home the probability of what? I believe that is certainly much higher than the probability of ordinary people keep pets, this is from the avatar can get the information, if you are operating a pet and its pet hospital related industries, you to promote these users to publicize is certainly more effective or the highest conversion rate.

So this idea is really feasible, and this way in fact there is no information security account security problems, at present there are two kinds of feasibility: the first is to join some group chat, the group chat members in the avatar analysis, to achieve such a purpose, although it is more troublesome, but it is really effective behavior. The second is to use some third-party WhatsApp screening software, the kind of account generation can be varied to screen and retrieve avatars to categorize the content of the software, but also can quickly complete the above purposes. At present, the mainstream is also the above two, you can try.

If you are also interested in the content of the above mentioned or have ideas, welcome to leave comments in the comments section, oh, I wish you success!



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