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WhatsApp different pricing marketing for different regions

Time:2023-10-25 18:40:44  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

After the international form of differentiation, the consumption level of different regions, as well as a variety of per capita wealth, supply and demand are changing, so if you want to carry out the relevant global trade, the revenue relationship should be different in different ways in different regions, not only to help maintain their own brand, but also in order to promote their own reputation out of the country.

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Why today suddenly talked about this matter? Because the recent cross-border king editor in the online research found that many products are in the world above the price is the same, in the absence of consideration of the economic consumption level will be adjusted to the price of the developed countries level, resulting in the loss of many customers at the same time but also their own reputation is pulled down, very bad.

Therefore, if you want to carry out global marketing campaigns, you should develop a set of global marketing plan, and today Cross Border King will show you some guiding suggestions: the theme is to adjust the pricing according to the different levels of consumption to achieve the relevant purpose, the implementation of such a purpose in fact is not so simple, because there is a need to investigate the prices of various regions and categorize a variety of customers. The former can be done in various ways, such as checking the local currency exchange rate, using the market currency converter and looking for local people to get a general idea.

But looking for local customers is more cumbersome, if there is a miscalculation of the situation will be very embarrassing, said that the price of a sudden change will lead to a change in the impression of others on you, so understand the prices of others at the same time also need accurate local customers. After our recent understanding of the market, generally normal is that there are two programs can be done to solve such a problem, first of all, the first is that you can add the local national groups, community groups, regional groups, as well as more is to search for the local name of the emergence of the group chat, the correct chances of 80% +, or relatively high data. The second way is that you can use the third-party software WhatsApp sifting software and other related software with a number generated according to the country / area code to help solve such a problem, the success rate is greater than the first method.

The above is the cross-border king for you to bring the outline of the area related marketing guide, I hope you can help you, if you are interested in this article, welcome to comment on the message below, I wish you all the success!



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