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Foreign trade marketing strategy: ins account maintenance

Time:2022-11-28 16:35:32  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

INS (Instagram) I believe everyone knows that both domestic and foreign users like to use this software to share their daily pictures. Many cross-border sellers like to share their product content on ins for marketing, but we cannot avoid it. I will talk about a topic: the issue of INS titles.

Although picture marketing can be regarded as the mainstream marketing in our marketing now, and many users are willing to accept beautiful picture visual marketing, but for INS officials, advertisements on this platform are sensitive content after all, and are easy to divert, so for this kind of The content of the content still conflicts, which may lead to your account being blocked, so how can we avoid it? The following cross-border Wang Xiaobian will explain in detail for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

We have talked many times before about whatsapp account maintenance and facebook account maintenance strategy. In fact, the INS strategy is similar to these.

Instagram Marketing

一、 Preparation before account maintenance:

1. Clean and stable ip

When we violate the rules on some forums or blog platforms, we must have noticed one thing. When registering a new account, you can’t register. Detect anomalies.

Therefore, before we register an INS account, we must prepare a stable ip address, clean and unblocked equipment. If we forget to visit foreign countries in China, we usually switch to Hong Kong or other regions through VPN and ip.

2. Basic data preparation

Each platform registration account needs to fill in some basic information, such as age, profile picture, gender, email address, mobile phone number, etc. We'd better prepare it in the early stage, so that the efficiency will be higher.

二、INS maintenance account

1. Frequent operation is undesirable

Whether we are doing facebook marketing, whatsapp marketing or INS marketing, we will send mass messages, but generally after we register a new INS account, it is best to avoid these mass posting operations, which are easy to be detected by the system. There is no trust in the account, so don't hit the gun.

2. The new account should not follow too many friends

The total number of Instagram account followers generally does not exceed 2,000. If we add hundreds of followers every day, this will soon reach the limit, so we need to unfollow regularly. It is recommended to unfollow unfollow once every 3 days.

For a new account, it is best not to follow a lot of strangers or to follow two or three a week.

Well, the editor will share the content of the above-mentioned "foreign trade marketing strategy: ins account maintenance" here for everyone, hoping to be helpful to everyone.More Instagram Marketing Content,all in crownsoft.


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