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How Facebook became a foreign trade communication channel

Time:2023-11-30 19:06:41  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Facebook is currently an important stronghold for foreign trade merchants to enter overseas market operations, and many foreign trade merchants and enterprises choose to register accounts on the platform and conduct marketing and promotional activities on it. Among them, a part of the business will be used as a customer service account, become a tool for communication with customers.

Facebook Marketing Assistant

However, at present, when using Facebook as a customer service tool, it is common to face some problems, such as the account can't be logged in more than one, the browser restricts an account, and the need to re-verify after turning on the no-trace mode leads to blocking and other situations, which brings inconvenience to the use of it.

In order to solve this problem, a powerful and practical Facebook assistant software - Facebook Marketing Assistant has appeared on the market. This software can not only realize multi-account login, but also realize seamless switching when the account login, directly jump to another account. In addition, the software is designed to be used as a customer service tool, with common customer service features including one-click group sending, auto-reply, shortcut input language, etc. It also provides professional customer acquisition features to complete the work efficiently and time-saving.

In addition to the above features, the software also provides other useful functions, such as the built-in acquisition function, which can be used to search for customer fans, find and publicize new customers. All in all, Facebook Marketing Assistant provides users with a more convenient and efficient solution for social platform management and customer service work.


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