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Why WhatsApp Number Sifting Software is Efficient in Finding Customers

Time:2024-01-04 18:33:10  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Recently, many new foreign trade began to use WhatsApp marketing partners have asked on the network a mysterious marketing software called "WhatsApp sieve number software", in answering the questions of partners at the same time, we decided to those who do not know the software partners to do an introduction.

WhatsApp Filtering Software

"WhatsApp filtering software" developed by the "crownsoft" company, is a focus on helping foreign trade partners to realize the generation and screening WhatsApp user software, this software can not only generate cell phone numbers, but also according to the user's needs, precise selection of generated This software can not only generate cell phone numbers, but also according to the user's needs, accurate selection of the region to generate, and a key to screen whether to register WhatsApp account.

Currently, this software supports three ways of generation. The first way is to customize the number of digits to be generated based on the country code and the beginning of the number chosen by the user. The second way is to generate based on the country and area code, with a choice of location in between. The third way allows the user to import a file for filtering, whether it is a number shared with other software users or purchased from someone else, you can verify the authenticity of the number with a single click to confirm whether it has been registered with the software or not.

In addition, another important feature of the software is to further filter the user conditions, including gender, age, presence of avatars, presence of signatures, as well as the language of the signatures, among many other filters. This series of filtering environments allows users to find their target group more precisely, providing a more convenient way for marketing.

In view of all the functions, this "WhatsApp filtering software" provides foreign trade practitioners with an efficient way to find customers, aiming to help them better manage and screen WhatsApp users, and improve the marketing effect. For those who are new to the field of foreign trade WhatsApp marketing, understanding and making good use of this tool will help them adapt to this new field more quickly.


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