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WhatsApp Contact Extractor Pro Free Download

Time:2024-01-30 17:31:07  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Before doing WhatsApp marketing, we first need to obtain WhatsApp contacts. Because WhatsApp is a social program, we must know the user’s WhatsApp account (mobile phone number) before we can contact him on WhatsApp. To obtain WhatsApp contacts, You must use WhatsApp Contact Extractor (Cloud Filter).

Everyone should be aware of the WhatsApp filter. By using third-party WhatsApp filter software, if you enter the area code and number segment of the country you want to filter, the mobile phone number of this country will be automatically generated, and you can filter out the mobile phone numbers produced. Which mobile phone numbers have opened WhatsApp accounts, and filter out WhatsApp avatar, age, gender, personalized signature language, etc.

WhatsApp Contact Extractor Pro Free Download

However, the WhatsApp filter requires us to scan the QR code and log in to our WhatsApp account to filter. There is a high probability that our WhatsApp account will be blocked.

The WhatsApp Contact Extractor (Cloud Filter) is an advanced version of the WhatsApp filter. It does not require logging in to a WhatsApp account. It only needs to set the area code and number segment of the country to be generated, and it can automatically generate the WhatsApp of this country. You can directly download and export the form using the mobile phone number of the account.

CrownSoft is a company that specializes in WhatsApp marketing software. If you are interested in WhatsApp cloud filter, you can consult and try the CrownSoft WhatsApp cloud filter tool for test use!

The professional version of WhatsApp Contact Extractor does not need to be downloaded. It can be operated directly on the web page. It is very convenient. Please contact customer service for details.


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