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What to do if you don't have customers in foreign trade Try WhatsApp Filtering!

Time:2024-05-23 18:30:25  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In the global marketing market, the use of social software, especially WhatsApp to find potential customers is a common method of many foreign trade enterprises, however, if it is to face the unknown geographical customers, many enterprises will be due to the lack of in-depth understanding or other reasons can not achieve targeted marketing, resulting in the failure of marketing activities.

WhatsApp Filtering

Therefore, we believe that in order to carry out foreign trade marketing or promotion, we must understand the needs of local people and related market content, we need to find a way to add a large number of WhatsApp users in the other region. Speaking of this, I thought of the fact that there is actually a very high praise on the market related to the search for customers to add friends of the auxiliary software, it may be able to solve our problems.

WhatsApp Filtering is a powerful tool that allows users to generate cell phone numbers based on region and country, as well as area codes and customized numbers. After generating the numbers, users can use the software to filter the numbers generated above to produce a list of accounts that have registered WhatsApp Filtering accounts with avatars, signatures, gender labels, and other details that we can use for other forms of marketing.

The generation and filtering is solved by the filtering software, and all that remains is for us to manually add friends for the next step in our marketing campaign (the list of users obtained through the above section is even more favorable for us to conduct more targeted marketing).

In general, it seems that the reasonable and appropriate use of WhatsApp Filtering can help foreign trade enterprises faster and more efficient to achieve the purpose of seeking customers and ideas, for the realization of precision marketing is also very helpful. The above is all the content of the article, if you are also interested in this article or have ideas, you can come to learn more related content, thank you for reading.

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