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2024 Latest WhatsApp Screening Number

Time:2024-05-25 18:35:47  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp Screening Number, there are a lot of related software on the market to help us realize this operation, but because WhatsApp is also continuously updated, some related software may not be updated in time because of the version, resulting in the operation of the account is banned and other operations. Today we would like to introduce you to the latest WhatsApp Screening Number software, to help us complete the task at the same time, but also to see what kind of features the latest WhatsApp Screening Number software has.

WhatsApp Screening Number

This software is WhatsApp Screening Number from Crownsoft, its main role is to help us screen accounts, from the user's data bar to filter out the corresponding account information. For example, whether the number has registered a WhatsApp account, whether the account has an avatar or not, what is the avatar, what is the signature/language, what is the gender, what is the age and so on, which are all very helpful for our marketing.

So what are the updates of this latest WhatsApp Screening Number compared to the original screening software, besides the above which provides more information in terms of screening?

WhatsApp Screening Number now has a new function of generating numbers and sorting and exporting them, and we can choose a variety of ways (conditions) to generate numbers, such as "country code + the first few digits of the cell phone number", "country + city + region" and other methods. After selecting these basic conditions, we can choose whether to generate the numbers in a sequential or random order, and then use the filtering function directly after the generation to get the user's data in a seamless way.

Generation and screening are over, we will be able to use the software's export function, we can now filter out the user's information has been individually categorized export. For example, we can generate a list of clients that we want, as long as they have a headshot or signature, as well as their age and gender.

Overall, this software update can help us more convenient and accurate completion of our marketing tasks, if you are also interested in this software update or have ideas, welcome to learn more about the content.

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