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WhatsApp Filtering for Numbers in India

Time:2024-05-27 18:35:07  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

India is the country with the highest WhatsApp coverage in the world, if you are using WhatsApp to do foreign trade marketing promotion, India is definitely a region you can not ignore (if there is a market). So if we are not in that region and want to do related marketing content, how should we quickly get the list of users in the region and specific information for marketing? Today we are going to bring you a great way to help us solve this problem.

whatsApp Filtering

WhatsApp Screening Number is a software that can solve this problem, such as Crownsoft's WhatsApp Screening Number. The software mentioned above supports number generation, we can choose the country according to their own needs "code + number" way or "country + region + number" way to generate the number. We can directly select India and other countries here, so that the cell phone number we generate will be directly from India.

However, the generation does not mean that you can directly marketing, some cell phone numbers are not registered WhatsApp, if we do marketing will only make useless, whatsApp Filtering software can also help us to these just generated out of the number of screening. Like it can filter out whether the user is registered, whether the user has an avatar, whether the user has a signature, as well as the user's age and gender based on these automatically deduced, the overall amount of information that can be obtained seems to be very rich.

With this constant source of data and user information, we can carry out a variety of related marketing programs, such as targeted marketing (gender, age), or random marketing can be. If you are also interested in this software or have ideas, you can come to learn more about it, thank you for reading.

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