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Can't find customers for foreign trade Try WhatsApp Filtering!

Time:2024-05-28 18:35:32  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

A lot of foreign trade partners recently said in various online forums, the foreign trade market is now more and more difficult to do, especially in foreign trade to find customers is very difficult. Like to find customers such a problem is considered to be the most basic problem in marketing, if you lose in this place, the back of the marketing is indeed more difficult. Today we would like to introduce to you a can help us quickly find customers related to the auxiliary software to help you solve the problem of not finding customers.

WhatsApp Filtering

So what exactly is the software can help us solve this problem? The name of this software is "WhatsApp Screening Number", a lot of heat may have heard of the front of WhatsApp, know that this is a foreign social communication software, but do not know what the meaning of the screening number, it does not matter we now answer this question for you.

WhatsApp Screening Number is a strategy to filter out from many users who can meet the specified requirements, above the strategy of WhatsApp Screening Number, we can filter out a lot of relevant data. For example, we searched the Internet to find some of the WhatsApp cell phone numbers registered in a certain region, according to those cell phone numbers backward projection of a few digits to add to try to see if the registration, whether the marketing, this method may be very troublesome as well as depending on the luck, but it is really feasible.

If you use screening software, such as Crownsoft WhatsApp Filtering software, we can automate the generation of numbers and filter out which numbers are registered WhatsApp Filtering and can be marketed. WhatsApp Filtering software can be based on the region or area code for the generation of numbers and whether the number is registered query, we can use this software in a short period of time to quickly generate hundreds of thousands of data for screening, so that we can quickly realize the search for marketing data. And this software can not only filter out whether the user registered account, but also filter out the user's avatar, gender, age and other information for us to categorize and export, to facilitate our subsequent marketing work.

The above is about to help you foreign trade marketing to find customers related content, I hope this article can help you or give you ideas, thank you for reading.

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