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WhatsApp filter, quickly obtain Brazilian WhatsApp user numbers

Time:2024-06-13 18:00:48  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

When many users engage in WhatsApp marketing to acquire customers, the first step often involves obtaining WhatsApp accounts from the respective country. But can you obtain users' WhatsApp accounts without having their WhatsApp numbers?

Certainly, you can. While WhatsApp itself does not provide such a feature, we can achieve this through third-party developed tools like CrownSoft's WhatsApp Cloud Filter. This software allows you to obtain WhatsApp numbers from specific countries without logging into any WhatsApp account, eliminating concerns about WhatsApp account bans and facilitating one-click retrieval of WhatsApp numbers from the respective country.

Before using WhatsApp Cloud Filter, it's essential to determine which country's WhatsApp numbers you aim to obtain. For instance, if you want to acquire WhatsApp accounts from users in Brazil:

Firstly, you need to be aware of Brazil's country code and number ranges to configure the software accurately and obtain precise Brazilian WhatsApp user numbers.

Brazil's country code is +55. Mobile numbers typically consist of 11 digits, with common number ranges such as:


In Brazil, all mobile phone numbers start with the number 9, followed by three digits, and then another four digits.

Armed with knowledge of Brazil's country code and number ranges, you can use CrownSoft's WhatsApp Cloud Filter to obtain valid Brazilian phone numbers that have WhatsApp accounts.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Cloud Filter,there is no need to scan the code to log in to WhatsApp, no need to WhatsApp channel number, hash number, our platform to help you quickly screening.

Set the starting filter number, set the filter criteria, such as whether the number is registered with WhatsApp, whether the number has a avatar picture, age, gender, About language, and platform quickly filter for you.

The fee will be charged according to the actual number of screening, and the unfinished part will not be charged. The fee starts at 0.2crownsoft coin for each eligible number screened.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Cloud Filter

WhatsApp filter

Create a WhatsApp Cloud Filter task,enter task name, enter country code (required), enter starting number, select whether to filter avatars and gender, enter age range to filter, select whether to filter language, choose whether to export avatar images, enter starting count, and automatically generate specified number of data that meets the conditions.

WhatsApp number filter

After completing the WhatsApp Cloud Filter task, you can download and export the filtered WhatsApp account data in Excel format for viewing.


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