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Whatsapp Cloud Filter

Time:2023-04-21 11:02:18  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

In WhatsApp marketing, we often use third-party marketing tools, such as WhatsApp filters, to obtain users' contact information. This software can filter out active users' WhatsApp accounts with one click, generate different user phone numbers according to different countries, and facilitate our marketing promotion.

However, WhatsApp filters have a limitation, which is that we need our own WhatsApp account to scan the code to log in to the third-party WhatsApp filtering software and use our own account to filter users' phone numbers. WhatsApp accounts have certain requirements, and new WhatsApp accounts that use this WhatsApp filter software are easily blocked.

Recently, Crownsoft launched a new filtering software called "WhatsApp Cloud Filter", which only requires you to register an account through a back-end address, without requiring WhatsApp channel numbers or hash numbers. You only need to create a filtering task, and our platform can quickly filter out users' contact information for you.

WhatsApp Cloud Filter

Specifically, WhatsApp Cloud Filter has the following benefits:

Reduce the risk of WhatsApp accounts

WhatsApp filters are a marketing method and an advertising behavior. WhatsApp officials will certainly not want this method to appear and will review or restrict accounts. However, we do not need to worry about this risk through WhatsApp Cloud Filter. We can directly filter users' WhatsApp accounts with one click and filter WhatsApp avatars, ages, genders, and more.

Protect privacy

Using WhatsApp Cloud Filter can protect users' privacy because users can filter out messages from strangers or unknown contacts.

The above content is what Crownsoft wants to share with you about "WhatsApp Cloud Filter". We hope it will be helpful to everyone. To learn more about WhatsApp filters, visit Crownsoft.


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