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fb filter, maximizing marketing in a short time

Time:2022-11-30 18:11:32  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The abbreviation of fa (facebook), everyone should know that this is the largest social media platform in the world. As of now, users from more than 150 countries or regions are using facebook to chat and make friends, and the number of monthly active users is more than 2 billion, which is very suitable for Those of us who do foreign trade do marketing and promotion on it.

I don’t know if you have noticed, but now many foreign trade sellers like to use third-party fb account screening software, first screen fb accounts, and then start the next marketing action, why is this?

In fact, we dare not do whatsapp filter or fb filter. The main purpose is to quickly obtain user information and do mass marketing. At the beginning, we wanted to do marketing on the facebook platform, but we didn't have enough time to do it. We could only pursue a fast model to get the maximum benefit in the shortest time.

fb filter

In this case, group sending is very suitable for us. Through the filtered fb user information, one-click group sending operation, and send your own products or brands to the user's account in the fastest way. We send 1000 users, No matter how irrelevant it is, there will always be a dozen or twenty users who will open and see it, so that our goal will be achieved.

The same thing that fb filters is actually to help us quickly obtain customer information. Everyone knows how expensive a piece of customer information is now, not to mention that your user group is foreign users. It is very difficult to obtain information. Filtering through fb The software solves our most difficult step problem.

Facebook marketing is an indispensable marketing method in our foreign trade. Many sellers will find customers on it. We can’t say follow the public, but this is the decision of the market. Where is the user group, we need to do it wherever Marketing, promoting your own brand or product.


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