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Cara filter nomor WhatsApp

Time:2023-06-25 16:11:56  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp marketing is a necessary marketing method when we do foreign trade marketing, mainly because there are many user groups on WhatsApp. Up to now, the number of monthly active users of WhatsApp has reached 2.3 billion+, covering more than 180 countries around the world. or region.

When we do WhatsApp marketing, we are often accompanied by many marketing tools to assist us in our marketing work, such as our commonly used WhatsApp number screening tool.

The main function of the WhatsApp filter tool is to help us filter WhatsApp numbers. According to the conditions you set, it is judged whether the user's mobile phone number has opened a WhatsApp account, and the active WhatsApp account is screened out.

WhatsApp filter tool

For cara filter nomor WhatsApp, we have summarized several methods:

1. Manual Screening: Browse through your contacts list and manually select the numbers you wish to keep in WhatsApp. You can remove those numbers from your contact list with whom you do not want to communicate on WhatsApp.

2. Block contacts: If there is a specific number that you do not want to receive messages or calls on WhatsApp, you can add it to your block list. In the WhatsApp app, you can open that contact's chat window, tap the contact's name or the menu option, and select "Block."

3. Screening through WhatsApp filter software: There are many third-party software for WhatsApp filters on the market, which can help us quickly filter out active WhatsApp accounts, and it is also a marketing tool that we have chosen more so far.

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