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Instagram Marketing: How to Quickly Get Followers on Instagram?

Time:2023-07-27 15:23:40  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Fan marketing in Instagram marketing is also very helpful to us, so how to quickly get a certain number of active fans on the Instagram platform? Let's take a look with the crownsoft editor below!

Attract users

一. Attract users

1. Follow people who share your interests. While it's okay to follow as many people as possible to try to get them to follow you back, try following accounts that post content that motivates you (and vice versa). These accounts are more likely to follow you, making your time more efficient than if you follow others indiscriminately.

2. Like people's photos. If you like a photo on a normal non-celebrity account, you'll get about 8 followers for every 100 likes you leave.

While you most likely won't get to 1,000 followers with this method alone, it's a good place to start.

3. Leave meaningful comments on photos. It’s a well-documented fact that commenting on people’s Instagram photos leads to an increase in followers. Unfortunately, this also means that many people will leave a one or two word reply on the photo, hoping to get attention. Leaving a thoughtful comment will increase the likelihood that a creator will follow you.

For example, on a DIY home office photo, you might say "Wow, I love what you've done with your office! Would love to see a tutorial!" instead of "Nice" or "Looks good."

4. Send messages to users with a low number of followers. Sometimes it's best to leave a thoughtful message for someone whose content you like; not only will it make them happy, but it will encourage them to follow you, especially if you already follow them.

Keep in mind that messaging someone may be considered an invasion of their privacy. Be polite and respectful when messaging other users.

Never ask the person you message to follow.

5. Keep posting. People who follow you will notice that you can only post once a week, but that's okay! However, if you're known for posting once a week, stick to that pattern (and even post more often once in a while). Failure to meet established posting schedules will result in losing followers.

This is not so much a method of gaining followers as a method of retaining existing ones.

Try not to post more than a few times a day.

6. Post at the right time of day. Mornings (7am to 9am), early afternoons (11am to 2pm), and early evenings (5pm to 7pm) are peak Instagram activity times, so try to post during those times.

These times are based on ET (Eastern Time), so you may need to adjust to suit your time zone.

Don’t worry if you can’t post during these hours, multiple studies have shown that posting during these hours, while helpful, isn’t a deal-breaker either.

Optimize personal data

二. Optimize personal data

1. Choose a theme for your profile. Topics do two very important things: they centralize and organize your content, and they ensure that people always know the overall persuasiveness of what they'll see on your profile. People can also see what you look like.

Themes can also help simplify your content creation process, as some boundaries are usually better than no boundaries.

2. Add a relevant, informative resume. Your resume should mention your topic, your website (if you have one), and something interesting about you or your process.

Everyone has something interesting about how or why they do things - find yours and mention it here!

You can also add tags to your profile if you have specific tags associated with your content.

3. Use a captivating profile picture. If you have something that captures the essence of your subject matter, your content, and your personality, use it. If not, find something close - people should be able to look at your profile picture and bio and get an idea of what to expect.

4. Link your Instagram to social media. You can link Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and more, so you can Instagram anywhere you go. This way, you will be able to attract the attention of more people who already follow you on other social media platforms. This can make you stand out even more.

5. Never make your Instagram posts private. One downside of trying to get Instagram growth is that you can't protect your account from people you don't know because doing so will alienate future followers. Keep your account public and easy to follow, and you'll have a steady stream of followers coming in.

Photo tagging

三. Photo tagging

1. Use hashtags in all photos. A common approach to tagging involves writing a description, putting a few spaces under the description (often using periods as placeholders), and then tagging as much relevant content as possible.

When starting out, try posting about 30 hashtags per photo to increase your chances of being discovered.

2. Try popular hashtags. Places like https://top-hashtags.com/instagram/ list the top 100 hashtags of the day, so try putting some of them in the description box of your post.

Keep in mind that certain hashtags are bound to be so popular that your posts will be hard to find. Specific, targeted tags are usually the best approach. Don't exclusively use popular hashtags.

3. Create your own hashtags. You can create your own hashtag if you want, or pick an uncommon hashtag and make it your own. Try to add this hashtag to as many posts as possible as a signature on your profile.

4. Geotag your photos. Geotagging a photo means including where the photo was taken in a post so people in the surrounding area can find your photo.

5. Avoid irrelevant hashtags. Don't put tags in the description that don't relate to your photo, as doing so is often considered spam.

The above content is the content about Instagram fan marketing shared by the crownsoft editor, I hope you like it.


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