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WhatsApp privacy filter

Time:2023-08-05 17:03:17  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Everyone should have come into contact with the WhatsApp filter. Anyone who has done WhatsApp marketing should be familiar with this. This is a marketing tool that can quickly obtain users’ active WhatsApp accounts. Then everyone knows what the WhatsApp privacy filter is. something?

The main function of the WhatsApp privacy filter is to help users control who can view and communicate with them on their WhatsApp, mainly to help users better protect their personal privacy. This is also a WhatsApp tool independently developed by a third party.

WhatsApp privacy filter

Specifically, the WhatsApp privacy filter can help users set the following:

1. Prevent strangers from being added as contacts: Users can choose not to allow strangers to add them as contacts, thus preventing unknown persons from sending messages or viewing their profile information.

2. Who can see their profile photos and status updates: Users can choose to make their profile photos and status updates public for everyone to see, or only for their contacts, or even restrict for a specific contact.

3. Visibility of last online time: Users can decide whether to display their last online time, or choose to hide this information to protect their online privacy.

Of course, basically we rarely use the WhatsApp privacy filter when doing WhatsApp marketing. This tool is aimed at users, and we generally use WhatsApp number screening or WhatsApp group sending software.

Through WhatsApp number screening, we can quickly help us to obtain whether the mobile phone number of the user in the country or region you selected has opened a WhatsApp account, and filter out active WhatsApp accounts and avatars; WhatsApp group sending software can help quickly send messages to tens of thousands +Users, push their own products and brands, and acquire intended customers.


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