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How to extract WhatsApp numbers from Excel?

Time:2023-09-01 16:06:43  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Basically, we do WhatsApp marketing to obtain WhatsApp numbers through a third-party WhatsApp filter tool, which can help us initially filter out whether the user’s mobile phone number in the country or region you choose has a WhatsApp account, and filter out active WhatsApp number and avatar.

The amount of data screened out by the WhatsApp filter tool is very large, and you need to export the data, usually in several export formats: .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.

According to crownsoft editor's years of research and development experience in WhatsApp filter tools, users' export needs are generally in the form of tables. So how should you extract WhatsApp numbers from Excel?

Extracting WhatsApp numbers from Excel usually requires you to have an existing contact information form, and you need to clearly understand the format and location of these numbers. You should have filtered this through the WhatsApp filter tool above. Here is how to extract WhatsApp numbers. A step of:

How to extract WhatsApp numbers from Excel

Open the Excel sheet: First, open the Excel sheet containing the WhatsApp numbers you wish to extract.

Locate the number: Look at the table and find the column where the WhatsApp number is. Typically, the number will be in a separate column, such as a cell phone number column.

Clean and format data: Make sure the number data is clean and in a consistent format. Remove any unnecessary characters, spaces, or special symbols. Make sure all numbers have a consistent format, such as international and local area codes.

Use filtering and sorting functions: If your Excel table contains a large amount of data, you can use filtering and sorting functions to locate WhatsApp numbers easily. Select the appropriate column and use Excel's filter feature to display only rows containing WhatsApp numbers.

Extract numbers manually: If the location of the numbers is consistent in the Excel sheet, you can manually copy or record the numbers.

The above content is what the editor of crownsoft shared with you about "How to extract WhatsApp number from Excel?". I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Want to know more about WhatsApp, all in crownsoft.


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