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What is the phone number extractor in WhatsApp groups?

Time:2023-09-01 16:12:16  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

Everyone knows what a WhatsApp group means. It is a special group established by users or companies for communication. It is the same as a WeChat group or a Facebook group. It is formed by users who are interested in a certain product or content. group.

WhatsApp group phone number extractor is a third-party tool whose main function is to extract the WhatsApp phone numbers of active users in the group.


Why is there a WhatsApp group phone number extractor?

As we all know, the way to do WhatsApp marketing is relatively simple, because WhatsApp is a platform specifically used for chatting and communication. It does not have many marketing elements. We usually do marketing promotions through friends. Private messages, group marketing, mass promotion, etc.

In comparison, the members in WhatsApp groups are more accurate. You can search for the WhatsApp group you want to add based on keywords. The group members are a group of like-minded users or users with similar interests. Every day The content of communication is centered around points of interest.

We use the WhatsApp group phone number extractor to filter out the mobile phone numbers of group members, and then we can send private messages to users and send our products or our website to them. If users are interested in our products, they can go directly to our Website or contact us directly, in fact, it is also for the promotion of our website or products.

The WhatsApp group phone number extractor extracts group members based on keywords. Comparatively speaking, there is no WhatsApp screening software that has a high usage rate for filtering users, but the filtered users are relatively accurate user groups.

Crownsoft has also developed a similar WhatsApp group member software, which can extract the phone numbers of members in WhatsApp groups, but it is only for the Chinese version, and the English version has not yet been developed and used.

If you are interested in crownsoft’s Chinese version of WhatsApp group member extraction software, you can check it out on the Chinese website: https://www.kuajingwang.vip/


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