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Re-convergence of Facebook with chat function Meta's strategy adjusted again

Time:2023-09-02 18:17:49  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

The "Facebook" App has been undergoing several feature tweaks and evolutions since its launch in 2004. Initially, it had a built-in chat function, but since 2014, all chat functions have been migrated to a separate app, 'Facebook Messenger'. However, the positioning of 'Facebook Messenger' is essentially the same as 'WhatsApp', which Meta acquired, and this strategy of spinning off chat to a separate app has continued to this day.


Recently, tech analyst Matt Navarra revealed some screenshots showing that Meta is preparing to reintegrate the chat function into the 'Facebook' app. The screenshots show that users can simply swipe the screen to the right to start chatting without having to jump to the 'Messenger' app, and this new built-in chat feature is currently in beta testing and will only be available to a select group of users. Those who participate in the beta test will see a notification in the app and click "OK" to start chatting.

Facebook has not yet announced whether the built-in chat feature will officially return to the mobile app.

Overall, the return of this thing signals the following two things:

1. The reintegration of the chat function into the Facebook app means that users can save the trouble of switching back and forth between apps, and for Meta, it may be a rethinking of the positioning of Facebook on mobile. Today's Facebook may have different considerations, which may also be related to the market trend at different times. In the beginning, it was popular to streamline apps in Europe and America, but nowadays, some big companies are considering to build super apps.

2. Facebook has been conducting tests on various features, including whether to implement them inside the app or to create a separate app. Some features have been launched independently and then reintegrated back, such as Marketplace, Dating and so on. Obviously, "Facebook" has been very familiar with this type of testing to better meet user needs and also to increase the length of time users use the app. However, how "Facebook Messenger" will be positioned in the future, or even whether it will be gradually marginalized, and whether Meta will really give up this communication app with hundreds of millions of monthly active users are all intriguing questions!


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