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WhatsApp filters - gender, age, active number

Time:2023-09-06 18:10:35  Source:www.crownsoft007.com

WhatsApp filter is a third-party marketing tool that can help WhatsApp marketers obtain some user data for marketing promotion. The editor of crownsoft will explain it to you in detail below.

WhatsApp filter

Some common features and conditions of professional WhatsApp filters:

Gender Filter: This filter allows you to sort or filter contacts based on their gender. This can be used for gender-specific targeted promotions or communications.

Age Filter: With this filter, you can sort or filter contacts according to their age. This is great for tailoring marketing or communications to target markets of different age groups.

Active Numbers Filter: This filter allows you to identify and manage contacts who have been active on WhatsApp recently. This is important to make sure your messages reach the people who are using WhatsApp.

Geo-location filtering: Some WhatsApp filters may allow you to filter contacts based on their geo-location information. This can help you with geo-targeted marketing campaigns.

Everyone should pay attention to that the WhatsApp filter is not an official function of WhatsApp, but independently developed by a third party, so when we use the WhatsApp filter, we must pay attention to the authenticity of the WhatsApp filter.

CrownSoft WhatsApp Filter, users can scan the QR code to log in to your WhatsApp account or import channel accounts or hash accounts in batches to filter, use your WhatsApp permissions to filter the target phone numbers registered for WhatsApp, and judge gender and age based on WhatsApp avatars. After filtering, you can export .txt/.xls/.xlsx/.vcf files.


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